Services offered

Façade Consultancy:
Scope in brief
Broadly divided into 3 time line milestones


  • Covering the Concept
  • Design development
  • specifications
  • Budgeting

B- Tender

  • Covering techno commercial evaluation
  • Design and material approval
  • Mockup review and approval
  • Testing and audit

C- Post installation

  • Inspection of installed facades
  • Onsite testing
  • Snag list working
  • Final approvals

Onsite Water infiltration Testing:
Done as per AAMA 501.2-9

A-Method statement

  • Preparing method statement as per standard / specifications
  • Reviewing requirements at site
  • Detailing and suggesting

B- Equipment and manpower

  • Supply of testing equipment – calibrated and certified as per standards
  • Trained manpower for conducting tests
  • Record of test and test results

C- Post testing

  • Review of test
  • Suggesting remedial measures (in absence of consultant)
  • Submission of test results

Design Engineering
This service is available to help reach System Design Requirmrnt and Detailing

The team works as an integral part of project design teams. We work closely with architects, structural and services engineers, environmental and sustainability consultants, contractors, manufacturers, and installation specialists to deliver high performance solutions.

Among the key skills we bring to design teams is detailed analysis that helps achieve client aims specifically. By bringing the focus to the building's envelope at appropriate project stages, highly efficient solutions can be reached, particularly in relation to thermal performance and structural design.

Further skills we bring include a wide knowledge of commercial products and systems, which aids cost comparison and specification, and the ability to customize or create new detailing. We have extensive experience in full-scale testing and performance analysis of materials and products, and we are committed to research.

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